First off let me state, that I was aware of my total surroundings with each photo taken, making sure there was no interference from any thing that would change what I was trying to photograph no visible threat. At times I would hold my breath so when I exhaled this would not effect my photos. On the colder nights I noticed my hands would steam sometimes so I would wear gloves so they would not. I did every thing I could to make sure that there was no doubt in my mind that these where authentic. And no side additives at all to make things look better all round. Can you imagine having to explain to them on why you faked there existence. I could not. So being honest is the best policy for us all. Apparitions seem to show up during the dry months but are also present year round, just heavier during the summer months. There are a hand full of images that reappear in my photos as the main characters and in others maybe in a corner or off to a back section of the photos. You can tell these are reoccurring images of existence.
A Sonoma County Phenomenon
My Story
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Mystical Lights
Anomalous Sightings
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