A Sonoma County Phenomenon
My Story
 I decided to take a chance on a psychic, and I picked one out of the phone book.
I had never been to one before,  I was careful not to say anything that would give her information on my situation or me.
She turned out to be wonderful and I felt, very honest.  I walked in, and she said, first off, “I have a message from your father.  He want you to know he’s playing kickball, and his leg does not hurt anymore.”  Well from then on, I was a true believer in her, for my father had lost his leg in WW II and it had hurt him his whole life. 
I then knew her opinion was right-on, and I concentrated on everything else she said.
When I showed her the photographs, she was in awe, as she had never seen anything like it before.  She concluded that my yard is a passageway of some kind because of the large variety of activity.  In her opinion, it forms a portal where many types of visitors are passing through, similar to an airport.  It all made sense to me.  She said, with envy, that she wished she had such a door in her backyard!
After going to the psychic, I next sent some of the pictures to
Washington  to the head of the UFO Reporting Center, Peter Davenport, of the US Air Force. 
A skeptical man in his seventies, Mr. Davenport responded by calling my pictures fake and asked, “How did you do it?” 
He would not take them seriously or even return the photos. 

This rebuke from a major authority on the subject broke my heart, as I had always been honest and sincere throughout.

 I withdrew from discussing my experiences for almost a year.  I felt so depressed that I waited a few weeks before resuming photography.
At first, when taking photos, I could not see the beings with my naked eye.  As time passed, I started to see them sometimes before the photo was taken.  It was as if my eyes had become more educated as to what to look for.  Sometimes they appeared just out of the corner of my eye and disappeared when I try to look closer.  It was as if they moved too fast to be seen by the naked eye.  Sometimes I could see them more directly.  One time I saw a large shape floating over my neighbors’ rooftops, coming towards my yard.  With self-teaching, I learned what to look for, before I never would have noticed.