My Story
A Sonoma County Phenomenon
My apparent special connection to this phenomena has began to take  on a emotional and spiritual component for me.
 I began to feel blessed to have the gift of being able to capture images of these various beings, even though I didn’t understand them.
Now, almost certain that I had discovered an authentic phenomenon, I felt I needed someone professional to look at what I was capturing:  maybe a priest or a psychic.  Not knowing what I was dealing with, I wasn’t sure who to contact that would understand this, and, if possible, be able to explain it to me. 
I invited neighbors to come and shoot pictures at night. 
We tried different cameras, with different people taking the pictures (five people with four different cameras).
 Some of the people captured one or two orbs, but nothing close to what my backyard had revealed.  To date I have used eleven different cameras.
I began to realize that maybe I have a unique ability to take pictures of these entities.  I began to see a similarity between myself and perhaps someone who is able to channel or talk to departed souls. 
 I came to the window, but saw no lights.  He later described them to me as glowing round shapes in front of the tree.  At the time, neither of us thought much of it or tried to explore it further. 
Now, looking back, I realized that it might have been the first actual “sighting” in our property.  This recollection made me understand that, in fact, the phenomena may have been happening for years, unnoticed by our family as we went through our daily lives.
At this point, I wondered if others would have the same ability to capture the rouge images that I did. 
I also considered the possibility that the warmth of my hands on the camera could be causing a mist or fog, and I started wearing gloves to keep this from happening.  In the end, I determined from these simple test that nothing external was the cause of the mysterious light shapes.
It was then that I remembered an incident that had happened 23 years earlier.  When we first moved into the house, my husband, who worked long hours, was waking up from a nap in the evening.  Still half asleep, he gazed out the bedroom window.  Suddenly he said, “What are those lights on the apple tree?”