My Story
A Sonoma County Phenomenon
Throughout these experiments, I used my camera on automatic only.  We tried spraying water into the air while taking photos to determine if the moisture or drops looked similar to the orbs.  They did not.  Putting a sprinkler in the roof to simulate rain also showed no resemblance to the photo images. 
Another experiment involved blowing cigarette smoke into the air and taking pictures of it.  The smoke did not look like the floating shapes and streamers I had seen in the camera.  To eliminate the possibility of breath mist showing up on a cold night, I held my breath to make sure I was not exhaling while shooting.
My friends, neighbors, and relatives began hearing about what was going on and expressed their skepticism. 
It was suggested by some that it could be the result of moisture on my lens or some other explainable physical cause.  I wanted to be totally honest with myself and others, it became important to me that I be sure that what I was capturing was authentic and not some “special effect” created by unusual circumstances in the environment or camera.  I set up a series of homemade experiments with the help of friends and neighbors.  We preformed several tests, trying to see if certain outside conditions could recreate the unusual images.

into my backyard, my mind started to open up. 
In the first week or two, a large selection of objects showed up through my photographs: orbs, orbs with designs, smoky figures, and rod-looking things with lights inside.  
I was amazed and, at times, wondered if I was in a dream.  I had been a true-blue skeptic before, so it was blowing my mind that this could really be happening.
As word spread in the neighborhood about my discovery, people were naturally suspicious. 
I thought, ”This is unlikely” because, before this my knowledge of or interest in these matters was nonexistent.  No thoughts or concern crossed my mind about the supernatural.  My life, which consisted largely of working and raising three kids, had been a fast-paced series of ups and downs, like most lives. 
Days and years went by so fast that I seldom slowed down to “smell the roses”, much less to contemplate the deeper mysteries of the universe.
As I continued to make forays