A Sonoma County Phenomenon
My Story
Throughout the apple tree, branch by branch, there were glowing balls that resembled a string of Christmas lights.  I thought, “It’s not Christmas, and besides, I never put lights in our apple tree.  What the heck is going on?”  Looking again at the photo, I was confused and bewildered by this situation.  The light globes were in all sizes:  large, small, and medium, with some brighter than others.
I shook my camera and cleaned the lens, positive that it had to be a malfunction of some kind or a digital  mistake.  I thought, “Let’s try another photo.  Maybe it will fix itself.”  I took a second photo of the apple tree.  This time the same glowing bulbs were there, but they had moved.
I was at a loss, not knowing what to do, so I called it a night and went inside to ponder my next step.

I waited until the next day and decided to have a professional look at my camera to see if it needed to be fixed.  The results of his examination showed nothing wrong.  Everything was working fine.  I felt hesitant to tell the camera guy about my strange photos, for fear he might think I was some kind of nut, so I did not.
I took some pictures that afternoon, and the camera worked fine.  There was nothing unusual in the daytime photos.
I decided to take more pictures at night to see what would happen.  That evening, I was off again on my second night of picture taking.  This time I tried shooting photos in different areas of my yard to see if I found the same light images in my pictures again. 
I felt a little silly doing this, but curiosity overwhelmed me.  Again, my results were amazing, and I recorded large bulbs that resembled the moon and small ones that looked like planets.  Others seemed to have designs on them, resembling Aztec coins or Egyptian artifacts.
I began doing some research on the Internet to see what I could find out about what might be the cause of this mystery.  One of my close friends came over to help.  We found information on objects called, “Orbs” on a website called orb.study.com.  It describes Orbs as though to be some type life force that is not fully formed.  It seemed like a possible explanation for what I was finding in my photos. Thus, in trying to teach myself what might be happening in my backyard, I started down the unlikely road of research and documentation  in the field of supernatural occurrence.