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A Sonoma County Phenomenon
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Directions that are complex are confusing to me, and what I understand best is the A-B-C approach. "The easier the better!" is my motto.

For some reason, I was drawn out of curiosity to see what it would look like to take pictures at night, I remember thinking, "I probably won't be able to get very good results in the dark." But I asked my daughter to be my subject, and she and I went out to the backyard. I posed her in front of our beloved apple tree and took my first digital photo using the flash.

When I tried to view it on the screen, I realized that I would need my reading glasses to see the picture clearly, and went back into the house to get them.

With my reading glasses on, I looked again at my camera screen to see how the pictures had come out. I couldn't understand what I saw!
It was August 16th, 2006, and I had just purchased my first digital camera. In comparing it to my old 35 mm, I thought, "What a difference! How wonderful it will be to be able to view photos right when they are taken and better yet, delete them if I'm not satisfied with results."

Through technology is a wonderful thing, for me it has always been hard to understand. My technical ability is so limited that I should have been born in the early 1800's.
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